自1905年成立以來,長期生產推出日本眼鏡的老字號店鋪增永眼鏡,與作為日本時尚先驅最受尊敬的設計師之一的高田賢三設計團隊設計,將合作推出太陽鏡『MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada』系列。
有著極緻精緻評價的增永眼鏡與時尚性高水準的結合而成的完美的太陽眼鏡。 它已經成為結合復古框架和當代設計主題的新款眼鏡。因為它是由老牌廠商的工匠手工製作的,所做的鏡框是其他廠商無法模仿的一品。

A new collection of Japanese long-established glasses manufacturer MASUNAGA and KENZO collaboration sunglasses arrived.⋯⋯
Since its founding in 1905, long-established eyeglasses, long-established stores that have driven the Japanese glasses, have been appointed director Kenzo Takada, one of the most respected designers as a pioneer of Japanese fashion, to design Kenzo Takada Designed by the design team, we will propose sunglasses as a "MASUNAGA designed by Kenzo Takada" collection by Masanaga Eyeglass of Japan.
It is a wonderful sunglasses fusion of everlasting eyeglasses with a reputation for extremely refined construction and fashionability at a high level. It has become a new style eyewear that combines the motif of vintage frame and contemporary design. Because it is a handmade by a craftsmaker of a long-established manufacturer, the frame which can be done is one article thing which can not be managed.