色彩多樣豐富、攜帶便利的太陽眼鏡盒 ANYDI
這次我們將為大家介紹一款時尚便利的眼鏡盒“ANYDI”。 總是帶著你的眼鏡或太陽眼鏡盒會不會覺得很笨重?尤其是太陽鏡盒更是大得讓人感到困擾。特別是女性有時為了與衣服搭配無法選擇能大到放得下太陽眼鏡盒的小包包。德國設計師為了這個問題設計了的時尚眼鏡盒ANYDI,將眼鏡盒作為掛在包包上的配件,要拿出眼鏡也十分方便!ANYDI是德國製造的,皮套質量好,質地好,色彩豐富,有24種顏色。你可以根據包包的顏色進行調整。由於它緊緊地包覆著眼鏡,因此也不需擔心眼鏡安危。當作禮物也非常完美。詳情請至店面參觀。

This time we will introduce a stylish and convenient eyeglass case "ANYDI". Always carry your glasses or sunglasses, will the case be bulky and disturbing? Is there something like "The case is big and distur⋯⋯bing, especially for sunglasses?" Especially in the case of women, if you choose back according to your clothes, there is a thing that you can not put on glasses in a small bag. The convenient one is German designer's stylish glasses case ANY DI. The feature is to attach the sunglass case as an accessory for the back. Easy to take out sunglasses! ! ANYDI is made in Germany and the leather case is of quality, texture is good and color variations are rich with 24 colors. You can coordinate according to the color of the back. Since it holds the glasses tightly, it does not matter as a case. It is also perfect for presents. Please have a look at the shop front.