Dior 新品上市

無論是世界的名流或是對流行敏感的時尚狂人都愛用的Dior太陽眼鏡,身為法國巴黎時尚尖端的太陽眼鏡,實為入手困難的稀有商品。戴上印有Dior logo的太陽眼鏡,想要不獨站周圍的視線都難。華麗與特別趕兼備,無論何種時尚穿搭都非常合適。
Dior SO REAL model是以飛行員式鏡片為特徵的太陽眼鏡。許多雜誌報導的RUNWAY model在許多名流、時尚的部落客間也十分人氣。請一定要來店試試!⋯⋯

Celebrities in the world and fashion enthusiasts who are sensitive to the trend are the sunglasses of Christian Dior. Sunglasses of the state-of-the-art model of France and Paris are rare items which are difficult to obtain. Just wearing the sunglasses with the Dior logo will make it possible to have the surrounding gaze all alone? It combines glamor and special feeling. Of course it's easy to fit any fashion, fit is also complaints. Dior SO REAL model is an aviator type sunglasses with a characteristic frame design. Many magazine publications, DIOR's runway model, celebrities and fashionable bloggers love it! It is said that singer Rihanna is putting on sale and selling out. If you find it, I get a promise. Please try at the store.